Playful Player

- December 29, 2011 -

Overall, I’m very happy with the Playful Player as a joint ICM and Phys Comp final. In summary, the P.P. is a record player that re-contextualizes a nostalgic device using RFID tags, processing and a projection map.

Using a blank, white record I basically had everything associated with the original record overridden through the installation. When you lay the record down the RFID tags trigger the initial projection map, then once you drop the needle it triggers the actual music (which is fed through Processing) and the flocking animation.

The RFID tags were fairly easy to implement, and it worked extremely well with the physical form of the record (I used a small circular tag around the record’s spindle hole) and attached a RFID reader inside of the record player.

In retrospect I should have incorporated a better sensing device. I used minim to trigger the flocking animation on the record, but it was finicky. Towards the end I got it working more reliably, but for another iteration I would definitely include a pressure sensor to fine tune the interaction.


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